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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

What is ABA?


ABA is the scientific analysis of behavior that uses principles and techniques to systematically improve socially significant behavior. Positive behavior change is demonstrated through improvements in communication, language, social relationships, play, adaptive skills, executive functioning, motor skills, and academics.


The Central Texas Behavioral Solutions Team provides ABA Therapy in Lampasas, Killeen, Temple and Waco and is made up of professionals from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. We have teachers, ministers, psychology professional, and college students. 


The Team consists of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts, and Registered Behavior Technicians. RBTs receive ongoing training as well as frequent  supervisions from BCBA's and BCaBA's to help the team continue to grow in the field and improve their skills. 


ABA Services Offered

Central Texas Behavioral Solutions provides many types of intervention services, from clinical to community, as well as assessments and consulting. 


• Functional

• Descriptive 
• Vineland 
• ADOS-2 



• Home Based

• Center Based

• School Based

• Community Based


Consultation & Reports

Set-up and implementation of specific behavioral modification intervention strategies, individualized for each client.



Autism Explained

"This introduction to autism aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and acceptance in future generations. It is intended to be viewed, discussed and shared widely by anyone but especially teachers and parents." 

via  Amazing Things Happen

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